As a former nerdy teenage boy myself, I have a soft spot for musical theatre repertoire that captures this incredibly awkward time in many men’s lives (I’m an even nerdier adult, but that’s neither here nor there).  Hormones are out of wack, voices are changing/cracking, and society dictates that it’s time to start ‘being a man’ (whatever that means).  There aren’t many musical theatre songs written specifically for teenage boy characters period, but the situation has improved in recent years thanks in large part to the ever-growing contemporary musical theatre scene in New York City.

Fortunately, I’ve been able to dig up a pretty good list of contemporary musical theatre songs (2000-present) written specifically for nerdy teenage boy characters.  Older actors who ‘read’ as younger can take advantage of these songs as well.  My only request: if you or your students use one of the songs below, please tell folks about this blog.  Now, let’s get nerdy…

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1. “It Just Wasn’t Meant to Happen” from Calvin Berger
Music & Lyrics by Barry Wyner
Performed by Noah Weisberg
Sheet Music: MusicNotes

2. “Enjoy the Trip” from Bring It On
Music by Tom Kitt; Lyrics by Amanda Green
Performed by Peter Klein
Sheet Music: MusicNotes

3. “What I Wouldn’t Do For You” from Mrs. Sharp
Music & Lyrics by Ryan Scott Oliver
Performed by Alex Brightman
Sheet Music: NewMusicalTheatre

4. “Get Me What I Need” from 13: The Musical
Music & Lyrics by Jason Robert Brown
Performed by Aaron Simon Gross
Sheet Music: MusicNotes

5. “I Think I Like Her” from Summer of ’42
Music & Lyrics by David Kirschenbaum
Performed by Ryan Driscoll
SheetMusic: MusicNotes

6. “Silly Old Hat” from Children’s Letters to God
Music by David Evans; Lyrics by Douglas J Cohen
Performed by Ashby Clark
Sheet Music: MusicNotes

7. “I Could Write Books” from Zanna, Don’t!
Music & Lyrics by Tim Acito
Performed by Enrico Rodriguez
Sheet Music: TheatricalRightsWorldwide

8. “Twirler Girl” from Band Geeks
Music & Lyrics by Gaby Alter
Performed by Rory O’Malley
Sheet Music: MusicNotes

9. “Dusty Plays the Saw” from The Burnt Part Boys
Music by Chris Miller; Lyrics by Nathan Tysen
Performed by Noah Galvin
Sheet Music: MusicNotes

10. “Holly I’m the One” from Loserville
Music & Lyrics by Elliot Davis and James Bourne
Performed by Joey Maher
Sheet Music: contact songwriter

BONUS: “The Dragon Song” from A Very Potter Musical
Music & Lyrics by Darren Criss and AJ Holmes
Performed by Darren Criss
Sheet Music: StarKidSongs


Kevin Michael Jones



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  1. Thank you so much for this post! I was desperate for a song for my son to sing for a high school audition when I found your website. “Silly Old Hat” turned out to be the perfect song for him, and I’m pleased to report that he is headed to the specialty center of his dreams!

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