Tomorrow is another Presidential Election Day here in the United States (is it just me, or do they seem to come around every four years?). Regardless of who wins, this election will no doubt go down as one of the most controversial and volatile political cycles in modern history. If you’re looking to escape from the world of real life politics for a moment, why not look to musicals instead?

You no doubt know about the smash hit Hamilton by now (featuring various U.S. politicians like Alexander Hamilton, Aaron Burr, and George Washington). However, Hamilton is not the first musical to feature elected officials by a long shot. For example, back in the 1930s, George and Ira Gershwin premiered Of Thee I Sing, a show centered around fictional U.S. politician John P. Wintergreen. Since then, many musical theatre writers have incorporated political figures– both real and imaginary– into their shows. From The Founding Fathers in 1776 to Bill and Hillary Clinton in the recent Clinton: The Musical, examples are practically everywhere (sidenote: check out this great list of Presidents featured in musicals).

Without further ado, sit back and enjoy these 25 numbers sung by politician characters in musicals. Among others, you’ll hear selections performed by fictional incarnations of Alexander Hamilton, John Adams, Andrew Jackson, Eva Peron, John F. Kennedy, Harvey Milk, and yes, even Democratic Presidential Candidate Hillary Clinton.

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