John Kander and Fred Ebb are one of my favorite musical theatre songwriting teams of all time. While their most popular shows like Chicago and Cabaret have become standards within the musical theatre canon, the team actually wrote nearly 20 musical scores together before Fred Ebb’s passing in 2004. A number of their tunes are still performed often today, but others have fallen into relative obscurity. If you’re a female performer looking for a great Kander & Ebb audition piece, I generally recommend skipping numbers from Chicago and Cabaret and instead choosing one of the great, lesser-done selections below! Also, check out my list of male songs here.

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1. “But the World Goes Round” from NEW YORK, NEW YORK

2. “Sing Happy” from FLORA THE RED MENACE

3. “My Coloring Book” (stand-alone)

4. “How Lucky Can You Get?” and “Isn’t This Better” from FUNNY LADY

5. “Colored Lights” from THE RINK

6. “Arthur in the Afternoon” from THE ACT

7. “Ring Them Bells” from LIZA WITH A Z

8. “City Lights” from THE ACT

9. “A Quiet Thing” from FLORA AND THE RED MENACE

10. “Thinking of Him” from CURTAINS

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