After my previous post featuring ‘undersung’ Kander & Ebb audition songs for women, I received a number of requests to write a post with male audition selections. The pool of songs to choose from was smaller here because many of the great Kander & Ebb solo numbers were written for popular actresses (i.e. Liza Minnelli). However, after reviewing about 15 Kander & Ebb show scores, I came up with the excellent male selections below. Notably, I have excluded solos from Chicago and Cabaret because they tend to be overdone in auditions (this doesn’t necessarily mean you shouldn’t sing/assign them– it’s just something to be aware of). Enjoy, and Happy Holidays!

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1. “I Miss the Music” from CURTAINS

2. “I Don’t Remember You” from THE HAPPY TIME

3. “Life Is” from ZORBA

4. “Sometimes a Day Goes By” from WOMAN OF THE YEAR

5. “The Skin of Our Teeth” from ALL ABOUT US

6. “She’s a Woman” from KISS OF THE SPIDER WOMAN

7. “Go Back Home” from THE SCOTTSBORO BOYS

8. “Second Chance” from STEEL PIER


10. “You, You, You” from THE VISIT

Kevin Michael Jones

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  1. I absolutely love You You You, but I can’t find the sheet music ANYWHERE online to purchase! Help??

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