Dear MTR readers and subscribers,

First, Happy New Year! I want to thank you all for your continued support over the past several years. Musical Theatre Resources will turn five years old this year– which is hard to believe. So far, this blog has received over a million visitors. I realize post updates were a bit sporadic last year (to say the least), but I do hope to be more active with writing again in 2018. Which brings me to…

I am happy to announce I have created a new, companion blog to Musical Theatre Resources called Radio Songs for Singers. This blog will be dedicated entirely to commercial music repertoire ranging from pop and rock to hip hop and country. If this interests you, I would love for you to ‘follow’ that blog as well (and ‘like’ the Facebook page here for updates). I realized I’ve been making so many radio pop/rock playlists lately that I needed a new blog completely focused on that material. I’m excited for this new project, and I hope you all will consider joining me on that site as well.

Additionally, never fear: Musical Theatre Resources is not going anywhere, and I will do my best to continuing updating both sites this year and beyond. Thank you again for all your support, and have a safe and happy 2018!


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  1. Happy New Year Kevin! You amaze me 🙂 These resources are fantastic and extremely useful. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!

    Cheers, Craig “Talent is simply the prerequisite for ongoing artistic success—and success can only be acquired through orderliness and hard work.” Clemens Krauss

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