It seems like nearly every theatre company in the U.S. is doing Mamma Mia right now. In fact, new musicals incorporating and/or inspired by 1970s pop music have continued to be produced like wildfire the past few decades (i.e. Xanadu, The Cher Show, Sister ActSummer: The Donna Summer Musical, Disaster!, Boogie Nights, Saturday Night Fever, etc). For a full list of these shows, check out my Pop/Rock Musicals Guide here.

Below, I’ve compiled four Spotify playlists featuring songs that will work well in auditions for the type of shows mentioned above. These playlists are loosely grouped by tempo and artist gender, but anyone should feel welcome to put their own creative spin on any of these songs. NOTE: If the director specifically requests a disco song for the audition, I would generally stick with the ‘Uptempo/Driving’ selections below (those are true disco songs). Otherwise, it’s your choice whether to sing a ballad or uptempo selection– depending on the role you’re auditioning for. Scores for most of these pieces can be found on Have fun and stay groovy!

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Songs Popularized by Female Singers (Ballads/Slow Jams)

Songs Popularized by Female Singers (Uptempo/Driving)

Songs Popularized by Male Singers (Ballads/Slow Jams)

Songs Popularized by Male Singers (Uptempo/Driving)

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  1. I have seen songs on here in the style of Mama mia. Can you please tell me does it matter if the songs are being considered as signature songs. The reason I ask is because I recently noticed online that some of the songs like you are so beautiful by Joe cocker online said to stay away from signature songs but I wanted to make sure

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