Next year, 1990 will have been 30 years ago. Let that thought set in for a moment. Up until recently, there have been relatively few contemporary musicals that have intentionally invoked ’90s music nostalgia (especially compared to the onslaught of jukebox musicals from the past several years inspired by 1950s-80s music). That is changing this year with shows like Jagged Little Pill: The Musical (featuring songs from Alanis Morissette’s seminal ’90s rock album) and Cruel Intentions: The Musical (featuring various ’90s pop/rock songs).

Below, I have compiled four Spotify playlists of songs that will work particularly well in auditions for ’90s-style pop/rock musicals. In addition to the nostalgia-heavy shows mentioned above, the songs in these playlists would also be solid audition choices for shows like RentSpring Awakening, Bare, Be More Chill, and various other contemporary pop/rock musicals from the past 25ish years (see my guide here for a full list). NOTE: These playlists are loosely grouped by tempo and artist gender, but there are practically no rules when it comes to choosing pop/rock songs. So, feel free to put your own creative spin on any of these pieces! Scores for most can be found on

P.S. Need more song options? Visit my new radio pop/rock songs blog, Also, check out my professional repertoire guides here.

Songs Popularized by Female Singers (Ballads/Slow Jams)

Songs Popularized by Female Singers (Uptempo/Driving)

Songs Popularized by Male Singers (Ballads/Slow Jams)

Songs Popularized by Male Singers (Uptempo/Driving)

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