Hello, everyone! Today, I’m excited to unveil a new repertoire guide I’ve created called Contemporary Musical Theatre Songs for Teen & Young Adult Men! This comprehensive guide features over 500 pieces sung by teen/young adult characters that are especially perfect for high school and college-aged performers (more on ‘age-appropriate’ songs here). Pieces are hand-selected from Broadway and Off-Broadway musicals, musical films and television shows, songwriter albums, and more! This is the most up-to-date contemporary musical theatre guide out there– even including songs from 2019 Tony-nominated musicals like Hadestown and Be More Chill!

The pieces in this guide are loosely sorted by voice type (‘Tenor’ and ‘Baritone’). Though, some songs appear on both lists due to musical theatre voice classification being very fluid today. From there, songs are sorted into three style categories: ‘Contemporary Mixed’, ‘Legit’, and ‘Pop/Rock’. Likewise, some songs appear on multiple lists due to contemporary musical theatre songwriters frequently blending music styles. Additional valuable information is included for each song like tempo, type (comedic/dramatic), and suggested sheet music location. Keep reading for more information, and check out the Young Women’s version of this guide here. P.S. Need more help finding musical theatre repertoire to sing? Check out all my professional repertoire guides here.


This guide is available in both standalone and bundle pricing packages (listed below in U.S. dollar amount):

  • STANDARD: $19.99 (includes a 37-page PDF guide with over 500 songs)
  • DELUXE: $29.99 (includes a 37-page PDF guide with over 500 songs + companion Spotify playlists* sorted by style with cast recordings of songs for immediate audio reference)
  • STANDARD BUNDLE: $34.99 (includes PDF guides for both the Young Men’s and Young Women’s Editions) *$5.00 overall savings*
  • DELUXE BUNDLE: $49.99 (includes PDF guides for both the Young Men’s and Young Women’s Editions + companion Spotify playlists* sorted by style for both guides) *$10.00 overall savings*

Here are a few sample pages from this guide for reference (click to enlarge). NOTE: The black bars on these pages are included here only to prevent stealing. They do NOT appear in purchased copies of the guide.

*SPOTIFY DISCLAIMER: Payments made here are NOT for the playlists/recordings themselves (which are free and accessible via a standard free Spotify account). Rather, payments are exclusively for my hours of service crafting and curating these playlists. I claim no ownership over these recordings and/or playlists. Availability of individual recordings in playlists is based on Spotify’s library.


To purchase this guide, select your desired package below then click ‘Purchase’. You’ll receive download links immediately after payment! More information about the Young Women’s version of this guide is available here. Have more questions first? Check out the MTR Repertoire Guide FAQs page.

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