Hello everyone! It’s been a while since I’ve posted a song list here, and I’ve had multiple requests asking for musical theatre song suggestions from the 2020s. It’s hard to believe we’re already about 1/3 through this decade. It’s also important to note that Broadway was completely shuttered from March 2020 through September 2021 due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Many shows that have opened since have been revivals. However, there have been some strong original score and jukebox score musicals this decade so far, and I’d like to highlight songs from those here. For a list of great female songs, check out this blog post.

Below is a list of [mostly] solo musical theatre songs from the 2020s performed by male-identifying characters. Note: Since I started this blog nearly a decade ago, discussions about gender in theatre and society in general have evolved so much (thankfully!). I don’t think anyone across the gender spectrum should be discouraged from singing these songs– though the majority of them will fit tenor and baritone/’baritenor’ voices best in their current keys.

P.S. If you need more musical theatre song suggestions, check out my professional repertoire guides here.

1. “Good Kid” from The Lightning Thief (Broadway; 2019-20)

Music & Lyrics by Rob Rokicki | Sheet Music: MusicNotes

2. “No Friends” from Almost Famous (Broadway; 2022-23)

Music by Tom Kitt; Lyrics by Cameron Crowe & Tom Kitt | Sheet Music: TBA

3. “Perfect” [Broadway Version] from Jagged Little Pill (Broadway; 2019-20, 2021)

Music by Alanis Morissette & Glenn Ballard; Lyrics by Alanis Morissette | Sheet Music: Music Notes

4. “Only You, Lonely You” from Bad Cinderella (Broadway; 2023-present)

Music by Andrew Lloyd Webber; Lyrics by David Zippel | Sheet Music: Music Notes

5. “Good Kid” from Kimberly Akimbo (Broadway; 2022-present)

Music by Jeanine Tesori; Lyrics by David Lindsay-Abaire | Sheet Music: TBA

6. “Epic III” from Hadestown (Broadway; 2019-2020, 2021-present)

Music & Lyrics by Anaïs Mitchell | Sheet Music: SheetMusicDirect

7. “I Want to Be There” from Mrs. Doubtfire (Broadway; 2021-22)

Music & Lyrics by Karey Kirkpatrick & Wayne Kirkpatrick | Sheet Music: TBA

8. “Your Song” [Broadway Version] from Moulin Rouge (Broadway; 2019-2020; 2021-present)

Music & Lyrics by Elton John & Bernie Taupin | Sheet Music: MusicNotes

9. “Any Man But Me” from Mr. Saturday Night (Broadway; 2022)

Music by Jason Robert Brown; Lyrics by Amanda Green | Sheet Music: TBA

10. “Michael in the Bathroom” from Be More Chill (Broadway; 2019, West End; 2021)

Music & Lyrics by Joe Iconis | Sheet Music: MusicNotes

11. “I Have It All” from Flying Over Sunset (Broadway; 2021)

Music by Tom Kitt; Lyrics by Michael Korie | Sheet Music: TBA

12. “I Won’t Let You Down” from Tootsie (Broadway; 2019-20)

Music & Lyrics by David Yazbek | Sheet Music: MusicNotes

13. “A Strange Loop” from A Strange Loop (Broadway; 2022-23)

Music & Lyrics by Michael R. Jackson | Sheet Music: MusicNotes

14. “Why Should I Die in Springtime?” from Paradise Square (Broadway; 2022)

Music by Jason Howland; Lyrics by Masi Asare & Nathan Tysen | Sheet Music: Tunescribers

15. “Love Me Like You Do” [Broadway Version] from & Juliet (Broadway; 2022)

Music & Lyrics by Max Martin, et al | Sheet Music: MusicNotes (Ellie Goulding version)

16. “Diana (The Rage)” from Diana: The Musical (Broadway; 2021)

Music by David Bryan; Lyrics by David Bryan & Joe DiPietro | Sheet Music: TBA

17. “She’s Out of My Life” [Broadway Version] from MJ the Musical (Broadway; 2022-musical)

Music & Lyrics by Tom Bahler | Sheet Music: MusicNotes (Michael Jackson version)

18. “For the Dreamers” from Back to the Future (2023-present)

Music by Alan Silvestri; Lyrics by Glen Ballard | Sheet Music: TBA

19. “The Tree on the Hill” from The Lightning Thief (Broadway; 2019-20)

Music by Rob Rokicki | Sheet Music: MusicNotes

20. “Talk to Me Dorothy” from Tootsie (Broadway; 2019-20)

Music by David Yazbek | Sheet Music: MusicNotes

BONUS: “The Whole Being Dead Thing” from Beetlejuice (Broadway; 2019-20, 2022-23)

Music by Eddie Perfect | Sheet Music: MusicNotes

– Kevin Michael Jones

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