There are many situations where musical theatre performers will need to be at least somewhat versed in standard classical vocal repertoire. For example, some actors will sing in operettas and operas throughout their careers (Gilbert & Sullivan, anyone?). Certain auditions for schools, artist programs, and legit-oriented musicals will also ask to hear classical pieces. For these reasons and others, I wanted to put together a general-purpose classical repertoire resource that will be useful to both performers and teachers.

Enter Spotify! I have crafted Spotify playlists featuring professional recordings of standard classical pieces. These playlists are grouped together into ‘packs’ based on voice type (i.e. ‘Soprano Pack’, ‘Mezzo-Soprano Pack’, etc.). Each pack features recordings of songs from the following popular classical songbooks/anthologies:

  1. Gilbert & Sullivan for Singers (Hal Leonard)
  2. Arias for _____ (G. Schirmer/Hal Leonard)
  3. Standard Vocal Literature (Hal Leonard)
  4. The First Book of Solos, Complete Parts I-III (G. Schirmer/Hal Leonard)
  5. Twenty-Four Italian Songs & Arias (G. Schirmer/Hal Leonard)

For example, the ‘Soprano Pack’ contains Spotify playlists with professional recordings of pieces from these songbooks:

  1. Gilbert & Sullivan for Singers – Soprano
  2. Arias for Sopranos
  3. Standard Vocal Literature – Soprano
  4. The First Book of Soprano Solos (Complete Parts I-III)
  5. Twenty-Four Italian Songs & Arias


  • ALL Playlist Packs for All Voice Types: $29.99 *BEST DEAL!*
  • Soprano Playlists Pack: $9.99
  • Mezzo-Soprano Playlists Pack: $9.99
  • Tenor Playlists Pack: $9.99
  • Baritone Playlists Pack: $9.99
  • Bass Playlists Pack: $9.99

Here is a sample playlist to peruse. This one includes professional recordings of pieces found in the songbook, Arias for Mezzo-Soprano

DISCLAIMER: Available recordings in playlists are based on Spotify’s library, and all recordings/playlists are accessible via a free Spotify account. Payments made here are for the service I have provided crafting and curating these playlists only. I claim no ownership over recordings or playlists.


Ready to start listening? Select your desired package(s) below then click ‘Purchase’. Have more questions first? Check out this FAQs page. P.S. Need more help finding musical theatre repertoire to sing? Check out all my professional repertoire guides here.