This repertoire guide features over 500(!) hand-picked songs perfect for children from musicals, films, and television shows. Several valuable bits of information are included for each song like: show title, songwriter(s), tempo, type, style, and suggested sheet music location. If you’re a teacher or coach who is tired of assigning “Tomorrow” or “Castle On a Cloud” to students, this guide is for you! Keep reading for more information.


This guide is available in two pricing packages (listed here in U.S. dollar amount):

  • STANDARD: $19.99 (includes a 20-page PDF guide with over 500 songs)
  • DELUXE: $29.99 (includes a 20-page PDF guide with over 500 songs + 2 companion Spotify playlists* with cast recordings of songs for immediate audio reference)

Here are a few sample pages from the guide for reference (click to enlarge). NOTE: The black bars on these pages are included here only to prevent stealing. They do NOT appear in purchased copies of the guide.

*SPOTIFY DISCLAIMER: Payments made here are NOT for the playlists/recordings themselves (which are free and accessible via a standard free Spotify account). Rather, payments are exclusively for my hours of service crafting and curating these playlists. I claim no ownership over these recordings and/or playlists. Availability of individual recordings in playlists is based on Spotify’s library.


To purchase this guide, select your desired package below then click ‘Purchase’. You’ll receive a download link immediately after payment! Have more questions first? Check out theĀ MTR Repertoire Guide FAQs page.