Dear readers, I know many of you have been following this blog for years, and I am incredibly grateful for your support. Musical Theatre Resources has received nearly ONE MILLION views– which completely blows my mind. I have been the sole contributor since the blog’s inception, and today I have a favor to ask of blog readers. If you have found my repertoire and voice training posts here to be helpful, could you please submit a 1-3(ish) sentence testimonial to that effect using the contact form below? I would greatly appreciate it for my new repertoire consulting business, The Repertoire Guru. Here are a few sample testimonials I have received so far from colleagues and clients:

“Kevin Michael Jones is THE go-to source for Musical Theatre repertoire. His knowledge encompasses not only shows and songs but the nuances of character development, vocal requirements, and stylistic differences that allow actors and singers to find the perfect song. I’d be lost without his expertise.”

“Kevin Michael Jones knows his stuff! He has a vast knowledge of repertoire and understands how to pick a great audition song. On top of all that, he knows how the voice works and always keeps the health of the singer in mind. I highly recommend him!”


Thanks so much,
Kevin Michael Jones